Well, as stated in my last post, I have a few eggs in the incubator, due to hatch shortly before Christmas. I moved some birds around as well, trying to maximize the girls I currently have. The ones that are taking a hiatus from laying due to the shortened daylight hours are really getting me frustrated, so I’m going to start lighting the coop in the early morning hours, in the hopes of trying to motivate them. The rest of my girls are broody (on air), and some are not-so-nice-to-me when trying to dislodge them from the nest bowl to put them out for some food and exercise! One girl has been broody for weeks on a 2×4, and another keeps stealing my thermometer to brood on…she’s actually very cute when she does this, but frustrating at the same time!

I also put Garfunkel back in with my two smooth chocolate girls, they are the trio that gave me Prince, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for some more like him! I also moved Prince out with two of my frizzled girls…they seem to be getting along now, but Prince still has a way to go before he’s “in command”, so to speak…:) As I’ve said before, patience is not my strong point!!!


I’m rotating Keystone between three runs, and he’s such a trooper! 🙂 He knows just what I want him to do, and visits the girls in each run with no complaints whatsoever…Like I said, what a trooper! I’m hoping he’ll produce some nice blues for me…

I’m also breeding Blizzard, a son of Oreo…he is currently with a girl whose grandfather was Oreo…I have a couple of eggs cooking right now, and I’m going to try pairing him with his mother, one of the Icicle girls…There is a long story about Oreo coming up, and how Blizzard came to be a breeder here, since he’s also another frizzled boy…stay tuned, please!