Well, it’s “that” time of year again…yes, Christmas, of course, but also hatching time! What better way to end the old year and start the new year than by bringing new chicks into the world? (MY world, at any rate!) I’ve been procrastinating for awhile…I decided not to do a Thanksgiving hatch like I did last year, partly due to space constraints, and partly due to reduced egg production…I deliberately have cut back on the hours of light given to my breeding birds in the coop, just so I couldn’t collect the eggs and put them in the incubator! Sad, isn’t it, when I have to resort to such subterfuge…what does that say about my will power??? (I know, it says I don’t have any!!!) The reduction in hours of light does seem to have an impact on the girl’s’ laying, and I may just increase the timers a bit (egg production is frustrating low)…I HATE going into the coop and not seeing any eggs laid!!!

I “vowed” to breed only chocolate x chocolate this year, which is a problem since I currently only have two smooth chocolate girls…I have ONE smooth chocolate boy in the wings, so to speak, but he’s a slow developer and not ready for “prime time” yet! 🙂 So, I’m trying very hard not to breed one of my chocolate frizzled boys to my smooth girls (of which, I currently only have two), in the hopes that I could produce more smooth chocolates (Smooth feathered birds are very hard to come by here, the frizzled gene is very strong in my lines…) But, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out…I have a serious hatching addiction! I may just break down and pair Garfunkel, a frizzled boy, with my two lone smooth girls… What do you think…should I or shouldn’t I???