Yep, that’s right, the post office returned 5 packages of our birds back to us this morning. This is a first for us.

We received a call Tuesday night about 10:30pm, from the Post Office in Columbia, South Carolina, telling us that for some unknown reason the birds that we had shipped out earlier that day were not able to fly out…There was some kind of problem with the plane that was used to ship live cargo. They told us that the birds were coming back to us and that we would be able to pick them up Wednesday morning, and resend them that afternoon. (Say, what?!?)

We got a call from our local postmaster this morning that the birds had arrived and we went and picked them up and brought them back home. Our local postmaster assumed that they came back to us because we had requested that they be returned. After we told her it wasn’t us, it was the office in Columbia, she couldn’t get a reason from the people in Columbia as to why the birds could not be shipped out. Without a reason on the records as to why the birds were returned, she could not issue a refund for the shipping to us. The man in Columbia said we would be refunded for the shipping charges, so we are hoping that we can straighten out that issue and get a refund from the post office so that we don’t have to pay for shipping again.

We are not going to ship the birds out again today, on Wednesday, because there is the chance that the birds may not be delivered by the end of the week. We have sent out birds in the past that have taken 3 days to arrive (it is rare, but it has happened) and if we send the birds out on Wednesday, there is a chance that they may sit over the weekend in a post office somewhere. So we don’t want to take that chance. Not to mention, stressing the birds out even more (the PO doesn’t even consider that…)

The good news is all of the birds are fine but I’m sure they’re a little confused as to why they were in a box for 16 hours only to return back where they started from. 🙂