Just wanted to issue a big Thank You to everyone who participated in my March auction! There were some unforseen glitches in the bidding system, and I apologize for that, but I promise to have it fixed for the next go-round! Half the birds went out today, the rest will go out next Tuesday. The Charleston Post Office no longer ships birds out on Mondays (cost-cutting measure, I guess), and I don’t want to ship out on Wednesdays for fear that a scheduled two-day delivery will turn into three days, and I certainly don’t want that to happen over a weekend! So, that leaves Tuesdays as my one and only shipping day now.

I always seem to suffer a slight depression after sending birds out…I tell myself that the birds are going to good homes (which I truly believe), and many of my buyers are repeat customers, so I know this is the case…But, after incubating for three weeks, and hatching, and brooding and raising and tending to an animal for 2-3-or more months, even though they don’t show affection the way a cat or dog does, I still feel a strange kind of loss…Sigh!

The upside is that once all the birds are sent out, I’ll have room to start new projects! 🙂 Two of my split cockerels have given me two solid chocolate boys from my chocolate girls…Although they are both frizzleds, I do have one here next to me in the brooder that’s smooth…YAAAH, Finally! My lovely Lacey Louie has graced me with a couple of smooth white girls which are slated to be paired with Oreo, a long-awaited project indeed! I am going to pair Rolo with Joule in the hopes of getting some chocolate silkieds (a long shot, I know, but what the h*ll!). Lacey Louie has also given me some blues, so I’ll be able to continue with that color as well. Snickerdoodle, my chocolate/split, also gave me a red mottled boy, such a sweetie! So, I’m thinking about trying to work with him as well (I’ve always loved the color red!) If that doesn’t work, I can always pair him with some chocolate girls, since he’s smooth feathered and a chocolate/split as well!

So, all in all, there is much to look forward to…So many colors, so many patterns, so little time!