Well, March is almost here, and I can't wait for Spring! Even though this winter has been relatively mild (apart from a few nasty cold snaps), it's still WINTER! I'm so looking forward to warm temps, only needing a sweater in the morning, instead of a jacket! My birds are ready to shed their “winter weight”, :laugh: , since winter is the only time I feed them corn to help keep them warm amidst the cold winds of winter. Unfortunately, I don't have that excuse! The only excuse I have is damaging my knee somehow, I think it's a torn Meniscus Disc, so I've been limping around for awhile now, not really wanting to go up and down the flight of stairs a zillion times a day to the coop and the brooder room. Even using a cane doesn't help all that much…At any rate, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

I've been trying to decide how/where to post my sale birds in a few weeks, and I've decided to add my own auction to this site. I know everyone has gotten used to going to the auction page at BYC, but since that option is no longer available, I hired a programmer and am having him design one for Pixie Chick! It will have proxy-bidding like the old auction site at BYC, and will be very simple to use. You'll be able to see all the birds' info and corresponding pictures, just as before, but you'll be able to do it right here! It hasn't “gone live” yet, but I'll be sure to announce when it's ready! :highfive: