Christmas has come and gone, and in it's place is a new hatch of baby seramas! 19 out of 23 hatched, one had spraddle leg in the hatcher, so it promptly received a set of bandaid hobbles when it was put into the brooder at 24 hours, and is now doing just fine! :victory: I am always amazed and totally in awe of Mother Nature and how pre-programmed these little babies are…It still surprises me to see a two or tree-day-old chick trying to dust bathe on a paper towel with some ground feed!  :laugh:

My New Year's hatch was disappointing, to say the least…I wound up with only five babies, and am at a complete loss as to why so many quit during incubation; that's a first-time occurence for me. They are all healthy and active, but even so, it's still a bummer!   🙁

I only have a few more eggs set, as I'd like to see what the present “pairings” will give me, as I'm already moving the adults around for the next go-a-round! I can say that I have already seen a couple of surprises, even at this early age…For one thing, my chocolate x chocolate pairing, Snickerdoodle x Abby, yielded a White Chocolate baby! How cool is that?!? I have consulted with some people better versed than me on this subject, and they both agree that the chocolate parents must each be carrying the recessive white gene, and each one has passed it on to this chick. When grown, this bird should produce white-as well as brown-chocolates, when mated to another chocolate serama. It's too early to tell it's sex yet, but I can tell it's a frizzle! Of course, being a Serama, I'm well aware that I could see color on this chick at any time!  😉  Abby is not proving to be a prolific layer yet, so this is their only chick at the moment…Judging from her actions, however, I'm getting the sense that she really doesn't like Snickerdoodle, and that she really isn't a “happy camper”, so to speak. So, I just may find her a new partner and see if production increases. I'm thinking about pairing her up with Cadbury, or possibly even Oreo…just for the fun of it!