As many of you may know from my Facebook Page, we had to tear down my Brooder Room due to termite damage, which was extensive. Erik volunteered to undertake this project, so he dismantled the room piece by piece, in an effort to salvage as much of the structural wood as possible. This is a glimpse of the damage…

termite damage termite2 termite3













Everything, and I do mean everything, was dismantled, right down to the bare ground…

termite4 termite5











I had a professional termite company come out to talk about treating the soil for termites before rebuilding, and they would use a product called Termidor, which apparently is the current industry standard. However, after researching it online, I found that this product is banned in Europe, in favor of a product called Altriset…more expensive, but safer and less toxic to all concerned. I also came upon another product, Bora Care, which also kills termites but is applied to the wood itself, rather than the soil. Not wanting a repeat of this destruction further on down the road, I opted to buy the Bora Care as well as the Altriset! And with cats and dogs and chickens all around, I wanted the least toxic products I could find! Both of these products can be purchased online for the Do-It-Yourselfers, so that is what we did.  🙂

We mixed the Altriset with water and applied to the soil. After drying for a few days,  Erik mixed up the Bora Care and painted it on the boards with a brush, to make sure all the cut edges of the boards were covered. Cement piers were put into place, and the treated boards were laid on top. The design may be a little “out of the ordinary”, but this ensures air circulation under the structure as well. Hardware cloth will be attached to this structure around the entire perimeter, to prevent any wildlife from taking up residence. Oh, and I purchased the hardware cloth from Amazon Prime, at a great savings over Lowe’s or Home Depot!

This is where we are right now…To be continued!  🙂

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