Well, my Christmas Hatch has been moved out to the coop for awhile now, and I have a new hatch in the brooder. The “juveniles”, for lack of a better word, are just adorable, and have given me hours and hours of enjoyment! They are fully acclimated now, and I am in awe of the colors this time around…red, rust, chocolate! I also was surprised by the arrival of the blue gene in a silkied bird, which much to my surprise, came from a smooth rooster and a frizzled hen! The result is Blue Boy, a Frizzled Silkied Serama! I knew that the roo carried the silkied gene, which is recessive and will only appear if another recessive gene is present in the female. Well, apparently this particular hen has it somewhere in her lineage. Blue Boy will be the kingpin of my Blue Project, along with Black Pearl (a blue laced smooth hen). Needless to say, I am very excited about the prospect of Blue Frizzled Seramas!

Look at those curly feathers!

Look at those curly feathers!

Frizzled Juveniles - Megatron

And here are some of the other colors…

Frizzled Juveniles

Frizzled JuvenilesFrizzled Juveniles


Rusty cockeral

white frizzle cockeral

Can you tell I’m having WAY TOO MUCH FUN?!?

The current batch of chicks really have my interest piqued, as I introduced an orange-barred rooster, and a blue-laced hen to the equation this time around…I’m hoping for some blue as well as orange, but the orange-barred gene seems to be really elusive…I have all my fingers crossed however…The chicks are less than a week old, so it’s too early yet to tell what colors they’ll be…I do think half will be frizzled, though! The hatch went very well, 14 out of 15!

I think this Hatching of Eggs has become an Obsession!