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Well, I was blessed with 12 healthy frizzled seramas for Christmas! What a great Christmas present! Eight of the 12 are frizzled, and I have my New Year’s hatch also…7 chicks, but I don’t know how many are frizzled yet…I have another hatch due this coming Friday…what fun! Here are my Christmas babies…





I have three hatches going on this year…Christmas, New Year’s, and the following Friday, all exactly one week apart; the last hatch goes into Lockdown tomorrow. The babies are kept in a Rubbermaid bin on blue shop towels for the first week, sitting next to my computer, under a red heat lamp. They are then placed in a kiddie pool, again next to my computer, where they will stay for the next 6-7 weeks. I usually use pine shavings in this “brooder”, but this year I decided to try the pine pellets used for horse bedding, because the wood shavings kick up so much dust over the course of confinement. So far, I really like them! They have no odor, and the chicks took to walking on them immediately. I’m sure my computer equipment will like the change also (and my bookshelves, and my chair, etc.)!

I am using the same set-up as last Spring (kiddie pools), but I think it’s time to design a new arrangement. Having two kiddie pools in my room makes for cramped quarters, and the round shape does not make for an efficient use of space. Also, I can’t physically reach the centers without actually climbing into the ponds themselves, which makes for some pretty awkward maneuvers! Yes, definitely time to come up with a better idea!

We’ve had some wickedly cold weather here in South Carolina, and I’m so-o-o thankful for having purchased an oil-filled heater for the coop…With 12 pop-doors and single-paned glass for windows, I feel more at ease knowing my birds are safe and warm! The heater is programable, so we set it to come on and off at a specific time, at a specific temperature, and I also put in a remote thermometer (from Walmart), so I can monitor the inside temperature of the coop from my kitchen! Now, how cool is that?!? It has dropped into the upper 20’s here, and the heater has kept the coop at an even temp of 56-59 degrees! My frizzles and my one silkied serama have a harder time staying warm with temperatures in the 20’s, so the heater is a godsend for them!