I finally have a video up to show off my new Frizzled Seramas! There were several delays in their arrival, and when they did appear, they had been “skunked” the day before in the barn of their previous owner! Needless to say, no one loved them at first, least of all, the rest of my chickens! Boy, did they stink!!! I didn’t want to risk giving them a bath, so all we could do was wait it out, for the smell to dissipate. It was so bad, my other chickens did not want to go in the coop at night! I guess they were afraid, since skunks are chicken-predators…However, they are now clean and have acclimated to their new surroundings very nicely. The girls, Almond and Ginger, have been paired up with Carlos, the only rooster I kept from my prior flock. He is sharing his time (and cage) with RazzleDazzle, my silkied serama hatched out last June, so he is a busy boy (actually quite an older man, judging from the size of his spurs!) They are in separate cages, so I have to walk Carlos back and forth each day between cages/runs. The new male, HoneyBun, has been paired with 3 girls that I hatched last June from 3 different fathers. I also wanted to pair him up with 2 other older hens, but they want Nothing To Do With Him! I have tried to integrate them, one at a time, with HoneyBun, but they actually attack him, even to the point of drawing blood! The only thing I can come up with, is that they are older and more experienced, while he is less than a year old…quite inexperienced and clumsy, as I watch him with his ladies!

I am so in love with the Frizzles! The best way to describe how they feel, is to tell you to imagine carressing a feather duster…so soft and sensuous! Frizzles must be mated with a smooth-featherd bird, which means that only 1/3 to 1/2 of the chicks will be frizzled. Consequently, they are not available in great numbers, which makes them very hard to come by. All of my present girls are very-new layers, so you couple that with a very-new male, and you have a very-questionable hatch rate. I put some eggs in the incubator today for a Christmas Day Hatch (I just couldn’t help myself!), but I’m not sure how many eggs are even fertile…there’s no way to tell until I candle them in seven days, so I’ll have to keep you posted as to their progress!