Well, progress has been made! My cancer test results came back with a lower number than two months ago, which means that there is less cancer in my body right now than I had before! Y-a-a-a-ay!!!!!! I still have a long way to go, but at least I know the treatment is working, and that there is hope! I was told to wait 3-4 months before looking for results from the test, but I was just too impatient…Actually, all I really wanted was confirmation that the protocol was working, and that the numbers didn’t actually increase, and the results show that I am headed in the right direction! Y-a-a-a-a-a-y!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pain-free at the site of the tumors, and that is a wonderful thing! Part of the treatment protocol means following a raw, vegan lifestyle…can you guess what it is that I miss the most? A silly question, I know, but here’s the answer…COFFEE! Not meat, not dairy, not bread and pasta and rice, but coffee! All foods must be raw and uncooked, which translates into nothing hot, which is actually what I miss the most. Of course, I’m sure it’s the caffiene that my body craves, but I have always been a hotdrink person, even in the summer…no iced tea for me, thank you, but I’ll take a cup of hot coffee! Maybe I’ll try a cup of hot water with lemon…my slow metabolism is crying out for a hot cup of something, especially now that it’s winter!

As you can imagine, I am feeling very grateful for my test results, and much gratitude for all those who are sending prayers and good wishes and healing energies my way…they are very much appreciated! THANK YOU!!! And please keep them coming!

My next post will be more about chickens, and less about me, I promise! We have been working on the coop, again, and I have purchased some Frizzled Seramas! Yes, I know, I actually made the purchase before getting my test results, but it was a case of buying now or having to wait till next fall till they became available again, so I went ahead and did it.  (Haven’t you guessed by now that I’m not the most patient of women???) I will have pictures of my newest additions, so stay tuned!

And, once again, THANK YOU!!!