I am thrilled to introduce my first SMOOTH chocolate cockerel, “Prince”!



It has taken me almost three years to get a smooth chocolate boy, but he is worth the wait! I’ve been trying to get a solid chocolate boy with no leakage, who is small and also typey…Prince, so far, has no red or gold on him, but he does have white, so it will be interesting to see what he throws, probably mottled. I’ve got some of his eggs in the incubator now, and they are fertile (Y-a-a-y!!!). He carries his wings in a vertical position most all the time, has yellow legs and red ears, but he does seem slower to mature than a lot of my other boys. I’m hoping his chest will develop better, along with his tail, but it’s a start, a good start…However, he does seem to have one characteristic that is driving me crazy…he seems to be monogamous!!! I have him paired with two frizzled chocolate girls, and try as I might, he shows no interest in “hooking up” with anyone else! As you can imagine, this has me pulling my hair out in total frustration…He is s-o-o-o unlike Keystone, my blue boy, whose attitude is “the more, the merrier” LOL!

I refuse to give up on him though…He will learn to be more sociable with the ladies (as I say with all my fingers crossed)! LOL