I had been reading about clover and it’s use as a grazing crop for chickens, sheep and cattle. Ladino Clover in particular, is supposed to be high in protein so I decided to buy some at Outsidepride.com and plant it around the coop. The trick for me is to plant it in an area that I can section off because if the birds get access to it all the time, they’ll wind up destroying it. We had a patch that I transplanted into their run from a raised bed and they loved it. But they cleaned off all of the leaves in a day or two and then started scratching up the plants which eventually killed the clover…and this was with only THREE chickens having access to it!

So, this new clover is in an area that they can free range in but I can also keep them out of there to let the clover grow back when necessary. I’ve also thought about trying to grow clover in flats or pots and putting the pots directly in their runs. This way, I can rotate in new pots to give them fresh greens but also give the clover a chance to grow back when necessary by removing the pots from the runs.

Ladino Clover label

I’ve also dismantled my worm box, due to an infestation of some sort of tiny flying insect, (mites I think), and am now working on cultivating Soldier Fly grubs for my feathered pets…Amazing what a Serama Lover will do for these little birds! 🙂