Sophia originally came from Dianne at Paradise Seramas, and along with Blue Pearl and Cloak and Dagger, was one of the cornerstone hens of my breeding program. However, she has not laid a solid, hard-shelled usable egg in quite some time. I have no idea why, and she’s driving me crazy with frustration! I have tried various solutions to add calcium to her diet including adding fresh greens, adding Vitamin D3, adding oyster shell, adding Calci-sand, adding ground up egg shells, adding vitamins, adding brewer’s yeast…you get the picture!

Absolutely nothing has seemed to work and to compound the problem, she is also eating her soft shelled eggs, which is not a good habit for her to get into. The whole process has been quite frustrating as she has very good type and a wonderful personality, along with a super-sweet disposition, and I would very much like to continue those genes in my future birds!

So, the next, and perhaps final attempt at a cure, is to try Calcarea Carbonica. It is a homeopathic remedy that I picked up at my local health food store. Three to five pellets get dissolved in the drinking water every day…I’ll try this for a week or two, then report my findings here.

Hopefully, this will do the trick and she will return to laying normal, hard-shelled eggs that I can use for hatching. If anyone else has any suggestions that have worked for them, please let me know…I am at my wits end here! 🙂