I guess it's because I'm getting older, and time really is flying by faster, but it's hard to believe I put eggs in the incubator two weeks ago! Just a few more days, and then I'll have to suffer through the agonizing wait of those eggs pipping, then zipping, then finally hatching! Oh, the agony of it all (picture my hand to my forehead in a pretend swoon)! Seriously, that is the most difficult part of hatching eggs for me…from the time that chick pips to the time it actually pops out of that shell seems to go on for days! The flip side is that I always am in awe of the birthing process, even when it's “just a chicken”…the event just never gets “old” for me! I LOVE it!

So far, the eggs are “doing well”…25 went in, two were clear, so that leaves me with 23. No quitters yet, but of course, that could very well happen this week…I'll candle them when I put them into the hatcher. I usually do that on Thursday…I'm not what you call a very detail-orientated person, so I usually set my eggs on a Sunday, and put them into lockdown the following third Thursday. I may change that routine a little bit this time around, and put them into the hatcher only when they start pipping.

I'm already getting excited!!!