I would like to thank everyone who posted or contacted me OR just thought about me in reference to my serama losses last week, it meant a lot to me!!! I was really taken aback at the outpouring of sympathy and empathy and concern, and just plain LOVE, that was offered to me, and I am VERY grateful for everyone taking the time from their busy lives to even think about me…Thank you, one and all!!! I appreciate your well-wishes, and I have felt the love!!!

I am still sad about my recent losses, but am slowly moving forward…I will be putting some eggs into the incubator today from my chocolate and my blue projects, only a few, since the girls aren't producing much at the moment. Aside from Rolo and the triplets, my other chocolate pairings are all new, so I can't even be sure the eggs are fertile yet. I have Lacey Louie with the Midnight Girls and Dagger, hoping to pull out some smooth laced blues…,fl bow fl  Blue Belle and Midnight, my frizzled girls that had sour crop along with Cosmo, are fully recovered and have been in the “Big” coop for a week now, but since they are both frizzled, I have no one to pair them with now…barnie  Very frustrating, to say the least! he  I think we all, as serama owners, must learn to have huge amounts of patience (not my strongest quality)…seramas are definitely not for the faint-of-heart…Maybe that's what makes them even more special to us…love