Well, it's been a rough time here lately…First, I lost Cosmo to sour crop, then yesterday I lost Blue Pearl to some complications due to soft-shelled eggs, and today I lost Lauren to a hawk attack. I thought I lost Count Chocula as well, but he managed to fly over the fence and find shelter elsewhere. It took us two hours of searching to find him, but he is now safe and sound, back in his cage and his covered run, where I guess all my birds will now be staying, unless I'm sitting out there with them!

I'd been fighting to save Blue Pearl from peritonitis, but we lost the battle Sunday night…Seems I'm having a streak of freakish ailments here…First, Cosmo, with a sour crop, then Blue Pearl with this…She hadn't laid hard-shelled eggs for months, I'd tried everything known to man…oyster shell, calci-sand, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Calcium in the water, vitamins, I even treated her with antibiotics, but nothing helped. I guess I knew this was inevitable, it was more and more difficult for her to pass those 'blobs'…I will miss her terribly, she was my foundation girl for my Blues and Chocolates, such a sweet, sweet girl!

I am emotionally exhausted…

Too many tears in too short a time…

Who knew raising seramas could be so stressful, and so gut-wrenching, and sooooo heart-breaking???

Blue Pearl