“Cosmo” was my main boy for the upcoming breeding season…He was a gorgeous SMOOTH-feathered Blue-Laced cockerel, with yellow legs and a yellow beak and red lobes…He was my pride and joy, and I was thrilled because I finally had a smooth blue boy to work with all my frizzled girls, and he was almost perfect; his only flaw was one partially white sickle feather. Unfortunately, I-he-we lost the battle the other night, to Sour Crop, I believe. He had been looking a little “sad” for a day or two, but I attributed that to the recent change in weather. One morning, however, I saw him drinking water, but the water was just coming right back up out of his mouth and onto his chest. Into the “hospital cage” he went, with a heat lamp on him and an antibiotic in the water. Water kept coming out of his mouth, however, and also out his rear…Not knowing what I was dealing with, I proceeded to the internet to do some sluething. It was either Sour Crop or an Obstructed Crop, but I was leaning towards the sour aspect of his symptoms. I guess I didn't catch it early enough, because he rapidly went downhill. 😥  :-((

The morale of this story is to warn everyone :shout: Not to feed bread to your seramas!!! :shout:  I had scored some day old bread from a local baker, and thinking I was doing a “good thing”, put a goodly chunk into each run, thinking the birds could peck at it as food, and also have a diversion during the day (WHY did I think my birds needed “play” activities??? I have no idea!) After Cosmo got sick, I learned that bread, as well as pasta, can lodge in the crop, and then ferment into a fungal mess, actually poisoning the bird. Another Lesson Learned – the hard way! Why can't we learn these lessons by reading about them, instead of learning them first-hand?!? Oh, wait, that's what I'm trying to do on this site…Once again, PLEASE do not feed bread to your seramas!

R.I.P. my Beautiful, Sweet Cosmo!