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Well, they're here…14 new baby Seramas!

I am in love!

Out of 14 eggs in the incubator, all 14 hatched…I can hardly believe it!

I used a Genesis 1588, turning the eggs by hand twice a day, morning and night. According to the two thermometers I used in the incubator, the temperature stayed at 100.2 – 100.8, slightly higher than what the manufacturer recommends, but I figured it was close enough. I kept the humidity at 60%, until 3 days before the hatch, when I raised it to 70%. I used ziplock freezer bags filled with water sitting on the inside perimeter, surrounding the eggs. This seemed to help the incubator maintain a fairly steady temperature. I stopped turning the eggs 3 days before the expected hatch date. The eggs were mine, not shipped…I have not heard very good things about using shipped eggs. I also kept the eggs on their sides the entire time, while some people stand theirs more or less upright.

That's about it…Please remember, this was my first hatch ever, so perhaps this was just “Beginner's Luck”…I certainly hope not, but I'm sure a certain amount of Providence is involved with the hatching of Seramas! Keep all those fingers crossed, please, for my next hatch due next Friday.

Pictures and video coming later today…