Just a short post to thank all the people who participated in last week's auction! I am grateful and very humbled to all those who liked my birds well enough to bid on them! Many of the buyers were repeat customers, and that says a lot to me! Thank you all!

I have some more youngsters that will be ready to go in October, as well as some that are babies right now. Another sale is tentatively planned for the end of October, and that will probably be the last one for 2011. I will be concentrating very hard on my Chocolates over the winter…I've been working with a split cockerel from my March hatch, since he's SMOOTH, and he's been paired with two chocolate frizzled girls. I only have a few offspring from him, but he apparently is “doing his thing” and contributing his chocolate genes to the mix, because I have several chocolate girls from that pairing. So, he gets to stay a while longer :)! G-o-o-o Rolo!

Once again, a huge Thank You to all the bidders on my auction!