I have a couple new babies I've hatched out this month, and a couple more due any day now, including a couple from Crackle and Gingersnap. I have a couple of Oreo's chicks with Cloak & Dagger, and I think I may have one barred chick…Or, perhaps I should say, one chick with barring…and it's SMOOTH!!! Now, what do you think the odds are of it being a pullet? Certainly not 50/50, not in this establishment!!! I also have 3 chocolate chicks, but they are a lighter chocolate like their father, Cadbury, not a dark chocolate like Hershey Boy. So, Blue Pearl is scheduled to pair up with Oreo in the hopes she'll give me another Hershey Boy! And who knows, perhaps even a chocolate barred serama baby?!? How stupendous would that be???

My “photographer” is presently in Alabama shooting a wedding and won't be back till Monday, and my husband is scheduled for knee surgery on Monday, but I'll get some baby pics up as soon as possible! The eggs in the hatcher will be “out” by then, too!