Just a quick update on Oreo, my barred/mottled/columbian/black boy. I'd like to breed him and replicate his pattern of selective barring, but don't really know who to mate him with. I've crossed him with his two sisters, and didn't get the results I was hoping for. I'm currently hatching some eggs from him and Cloak & Dagger, a small black girl, and then I'd like to pair him with one of his daughters from my Christmas Hatch, whom I'm hoping is carrying a hidden barred gene. I also have a three month old silkied girl that seems to have barring in her tail and wing feathers, but she won't be laying for quite a while yet. She's not related to Oreo in any way, so I have no idea where the barring came from! (???) I'm also going to put him with Blue Pearl, just to see what happens! He has gorgeous type, so he should produce some nice babies, no matter what the color!

Oreo-Even standing on one foot, he still holds that chest up!

Cloak & Dagger is in the background.

My one BIG gripe with this boy is that he's not a “Don Juan” kind of guy, he's a one-girl-at-a-time rooster! Monogamy is definitely his “thing”! LOLĀ  Forget putting him with several girls,…even walking him from cage to cage, or girl-to-girl, is out of the question. I keep thinking how much further along I'd be with my breeding program if I just had birds that cooperated with me…girls that didn't go broody at the drop of a hat, and boys that didn't mind “sleeping around”!:-)

Oh, almost forgot… I've been photographing and weighing (not me, the birds!) like a mad woman, so I'll be putting birds up for sale on my site, probably tomorrow. I have quite a few, so it will probably take me a couple of days to get them all up…Thanks for being so patient!