One of my boys from my Christmas Hatch has some very interesting coloration. At first I thought he might be a splash with red leakage, since he was an F1 offspring from Lacey Louie and Joule, a black silkied serama, but I recently saw a color chart that had a picture of a Blue Pyle, something I didn't know existed before, and thought, Hmmmmm, could he possibly be a Blue Pyle? Louie consistently throws blues, but Precious is a very light silver-blue with a few grey streaks, along with the red color. Look for yourself…

Lacey Louie


I just paired him with Sophia, a little black hen, and I'm anxious to see what they produce. Sophia has been on a hiatus from laying (I have no idea why!), so I have my fingers crossed that she'll start laying again, since she now has a new man in her life!