The Brooder Room is coming along nicely! We just put the vinyl flooring down, and Greg made two-foot high “tables” along one side, upon which the cages will eventually sit, making it easier for me to tend to them. Next step is to decide the size of the individual cages, and then decide where to to put pop doors for each cage. I'm thinking 2' x 2' should be OK, since they'll only be there for a few weeks. The whole point is to have separate cages for the boys once they start thinking about becoming King of the Hill, so to speak. I'm also thinking about making the dividers between the cages removable, in case I want to house more than one bird at a time. Once the pop-doors are framed out, then the walls can be insulated and covered with melamine paneling…I know that's not the correct term, but it's that very shiny, white-coated paneling, which will make it easier to clean than a painted/unpainted surface. I will also be attaching the same vinyl flooring to the top of the tables, which will become the “floor” of the new cages.

I have all my 'babies' now in the big-boy coop, and am finally able to clean up my computer room. Boy, what a mess!!! The older I get, the longer it seems to take me to clean up that room! Every single sheet of paper has to be dusted/washed off…ugh! I love having the babies next to me, but I do have to say, the room smells a whole lot better now! I think my computer is also “breathing” easier! LOL  My plan is to have successive hatches stay in my room for two weeks or so, then they will go into the new Brooder Room until they are old enough to go out to the main coop. There will be individual cages as well as a brooder(s!), so I can separate the boys when they start bossing their siblings, which usually starts at 6-8 weeks. I don't know how some people manage to keep several cockerels together in one cage/pen for any length of time once they reach eight weeks of age…I have yet to figure out that secret!

The “babies”, or I should say “teens” are loving the space in the main coop, and I'll be putting them up for sale within the next two weeks. Most of them are frizzles, with a couple of “curlies”, and I'll also have a few breeding girls available as well. I'll have to ask Erik to take the time to photograph the birds for me, not a small task by any means…very time consuming! I've got quite a suntan just from the time spent sitting in the “teens” outdoor run, watching them play and dust bathe…so cute!