Whew! My auctions have all ended, and the last 6 birds ship out this Monday! I'd like to thank all of you who purchased birds from me, I am very grateful for those who liked my birds! I met many new people interested in Seramas, and it's exciting to see the interest in these birds grow! I will have a few more adult birds and laying pullets available in June, along with some young teenagers who will be three months old. I'll have some frizzled whites, some chocolate splits, and some silkieds available then as well.

I mentioned having birds (cockerels) “here, there, and everywhere” recently, so I've decided to bite-the-bullet and build another coop…sort of! I've been hemming and hawing about this dilemma for awhile now, what to do with all the cockerals fighting with one another??? My first thought was to do some sort of outdoor cage system, but then, what do I do with young boys in February outside? What about rain? Cold temps? Predators? My second thought was to build another coop (OK, this was actually my first thought!), but finances quickly erased it from my mind! Then I got to thinking about utilizing the space under the rear deck, which has a solid deck floor above, which translates into a handy and DRY location. So, now I have a space with a solid wall (the house), and a roof already in place (the deck floor). Maybe I could design some outdoor cages there. Of course, that still leaves cold temperatures to consider, and predators. In the end, I decided the best thing to do was to enclose that space with three walls and a floor, add some lights, a sink with running water, and an oil-filled radiator, and Viola!, I have another coop!!! Sounds simple, right? What's not to like about this??? All my little boys will have a safe, dry, warm place to stay, and I'll even be able to have another brooder there as well!:)

Surprisingly enough, my husband agreed to all this! He has already started to lay out the foundation for the floor. I will take some pictures this weekend, and keep you all up-to-date as we go along!

Once again, Many Thanks to all those who now own some Pixie Chick Seramas!