Well, for some reason, it feels like such a long time coming! I guess partly due to very stubborn broody girls, high expectations for an abundance of pullets (which never materialized), a high degree of angst trying to pick the best matings, and all the time I've spent trying to keep all my little cockerels from beating each other up! I have cages and make-shift cages everywhere! Honestly, you wouldn't believe it…in addition to the three dozen new babies in my computer room, I have 3 cages , each with a little boy in it. In my studio are 3 more boys. In the coop are all these impromptu cages, where 6 boys are separated. Now, mind you, separately they are the sweetest little birds, but together, they spend so much time trying to establish a sibling hierarchy…just like their human counterparts!

I have a new batch of babies next to me by my computer… I am hopelessly addicted to this! I did a test mating of Snowball and his two girls, and they are all snow white – so pretty! Of course 5 of the 6 are frizzled, and with my luck the smooth will be a cockeral! Time will tell… there are several silkieds, and a couple from Napoleon, and a couple of chocolates… I think I might even have a mottled chocolate in the group…fun, fun, fun!!!