Several people were kind enough to write and tell me that the fake owls don't deter hawks…Thank you all for that info! I corralled my son into putting up wooden stakes on all the fence posts and the outdoor runs, and then we crisscrossed the bejeebers out of the yard with Acculon jewelry wire and fishing line, 7-8 feet in the air, high enough so that even if the lines sag somewhat, no one will get decapitated by them! I will be keeping a close eye on that area, nonetheless!

Since this is the time of year when everyone is hatching out eggs, I thought it might be a good time to do a post on health issues in seramas. The following sites have a lot of info!

Temperature and humidity fluctuations during incubation can have a detrimental effect on chicks, especially with foot and leg problems. is a great site that has photos of some possible problems and how to help those baby chicks with curled toes and splayed legs.

Here is a great page for medicines…

X-treme Game Birds and Poultry has information for medicines and their best uses…

Velvet Sparrow has some great info as well, along with the Chicken Encyclopedia.

Now, obviously no one will have all these problems/conditions at one time, but I think it would be a good idea to bookmark or make note of these sites for future reference, so that you'll at least have somewhere to go when a problem arises. Also, I would recommend putting together a “medicine box” for chickens with some basic medicines and supplies. When an accident or problem arises, it doesn't always happen during regular store hours! After reading through these pages, you'll find certain items keep popping up over and over; those are the ones you should have on hand for those unforseen emergencies!