The white Serama will be the first accepted by the ABA/APA this year. Being who I am, I of course, am totally in love with White Frizzled Seramas! The smooths, I think, are striking, but there's something so-o-o special about a white frizzled…they remind me of cotton and clouds and Heavenly Beings somehow. My white girls have been super-broody the entire time I collected eggs in December, and after four weeks, I said, “Enough is Enough! Poor Snowball is a Very Lonely Boy, and it's time you started paying him some attention!” (lol) So, I took away their nesting bowl, in which these two poufy little girls have been sitting together for almost 4 weeks now! Well, they were not Happy Campers for several days, but they are now getting used to the fact that they have certain responsibilities to tend to, which includes giving me some eggs to hatch. Now, I know I have to wait awhile till they resume laying, then I have to wait for their eggs to be fertilized, AND I also have to wait awhile before I can start incubating again…Don't forget, I have a whole bunch of babies here next to my computer, and until they go outside in the coop at 6-8 weeks or so, with a heat lamp, I have no place to put any more baby chicks! So, that being said, I will be looking at the calendar this week, trying to figure out the earliest date that I can start collecting eggs again! I'm addicted, I tell ya'… It is a sickness, not just a hobby!

At any rate, here is my beau-ti-ful Snowball, who will be crossed to two white frizzled seramas, since I don't have any smooth whites here at all. And yes, all the pros and cons of breeding frizzleds together apply here as well.

Whatcha' gonna do?!? An addict has to have her “fix”!