I set my eggs yesterday for my New Year's Hatch, all 10 (!) of them…I think that's a record number (LOW) for me! It breaks down into this…

6 eggs from Cadbury & Cloak & Dagger

2 eggs from Napoleon & Cocoa Puff

1 egg from Sir Lancelot & Misty

1 egg from Lacey Louie & Sophia

My “prime” girls are still not cooperating, so next week's clutch may just be canceled, since these are all new pairings and are more or less “test matings”, so to speak, so I can see how the genes pair up, and what colors they throw. Here is Lacey Louie, of whom I only have one, solitary egg thus far…isn't he gorgeous?

Who am I kidding? Even if I only get a couple eggs from his pen, how can I not put them in the incubator?!?

What would you do?