Well, I set 13 eggs last Sunday evening and I will set some more tomorrow for an actual Christmas Day Hatch! I kind of cheated by putting eggs in last weekend, but what can I say, I'm addicted, you know!!! So, I'll have an EARLY Christmas present to myself…Christmas Hatch I and II!

eggs for Christmas hatch

Hatch #1 looks like this: 7 eggs from Sir Lancelot & Misty (Blues), 1 egg from Cadbury & Cloak & Dagger (Chocolate), 1 egg from Napoleon & CocoaPuff (Red), and 4 eggs from Junior & Needlelace (Mille Fleur, hopefully).

Hatch #2 will be very small. At the moment, I only have 4 eggs from Cadbury, 1 from Junior and 2 from Napoleon. Hopefully, I can get a couple more tomorrow.

And, of course, there will be a Hatch #3 for New Year's!

I candled Hatch #1 this morning, and all 13 are viable and growing, so that's Good News! I've used Junior before, but Sir Lancelot, Cadbury and Napoleon are first-timers, so I'm glad to find out that they're fertile (Y-a-a-a-y) and am really looking forward to seeing what they give me. Of course, I don't have them partnered up with the “proper” partners, but since “those” girls aren't cooperating, egg-wise, I'm forced to play the role of mad-scientist (Didn't I tell you I'm addicted?!?) Cloak & Dagger are silkieds, so their babies will be split/silkied…I'm trying to introduce the chocolate gene into my silkied Serama line, along with blue. Actually, my goal is to have Chocolate, as well as Blue, Smooths, Frizzleds and Silkied Seramas…Can't you just picture the possibilities?

Ahhh, that's the Mad Scientist in me! Actually, I think it's probably the Gambling gene inherited from my late father, who used to “play the ponies” many, many years ago…I'm sure he's looking down at his eldest daughter, smiling and nodding in approval! Look at all these “Longshots“, Dad!!!