Well, the roof is shingled, and the door is on…Note the window in the door (for ventilation), and the transom above it (for light)! The vent is for attic ventilation. Next step will be putting in the electric wiring, and another window on the back side of the coop.

Looking Good!

Looking Good!

chicken coop with front door & windows

chicken coop - front window and vent

I have not had much success with getting my hens to lay their eggs in one place…They haven't liked any of the nesting materials I have offered them so far…paper towels, shredded paper, pine shavings, even Minkee fabric – how much softer can you get?!?

Messy Bessies!

Messy Hens!

They scratch all the filler material out of the nests, then ignore the empty nests. I put their fresh eggs into the nests, hoping they'll take the hint, but they promptly remove the eggs and roll them around the pen…Anyone have any suggestions out there?